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Fall Candle


A few tips to help you enjoy and get the most out of your candle:


  • Ensure your wick is trimmed to 4-5mm before lighting for the first time.


  • When first lighting your candle, it is important to burn it long enough until the surface wax has melted all the way to the edge of your candle jar. Doing this will create a memory for your candle, and will ensure an even burn going forward, without ‘tunnelling’ of the wax. We do not recommend burning your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.


  • It is important to trim your wick back down to 4-5mm each time before re-lighting your candle. A wick length any longer than this may result in a much faster burn-through of wax, ‘mushrooming’ of your wick and a decrease in the fragrance scent-throw.


  • Position your candle in a safe place away from vents, wind or draft areas, as this will diminish your candles burn time, and may cause an uneven burn.


  • Please discontinue burning your candle when the wax has reached approximately 10-15mm from the bottom of your candle jar, to ensure the safety of your jar and the surface your candle is placed on.


  • Your crystals are a beautiful keepsake that hold all your positive and personal intentions, and are there for you to enjoy long after your candle has finished. Your crystals can withstand extreme levels of heat and have been kept safely cocooned in your wax. Once you have reached the end of your candle, remove your crystals with caution and gently rinse them under warm water to melt away any remaining wax.


  • As each stone is special and unique in shape and size, some stones may distinguish the flame of your candle if it moves too close to the wick. In the rare case that this does happen, we recommend moving your stones around and away from the flame with a metal spoon when safe to do so. Alternatively, you can remove your stones from your candle if you prefer.

  • Please do not burn candles out of sight. In the case of an unexpected flame, extinguish your candle and discontinue use immediately

  • DO NOT place the lid on a warm, or hot candle. Please let candle cool completely before placing the lid back on.